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The focus of the DSI Health Community is to better understand the digital society with the aim to benefit from digitalisation in the health domain. The community’s approach and interest include patient centered as well as global health perspectives. The research ranges from digital data over patient empowerment to clinical application. Researchers in the DSI Health Community are building on the following pillars:

  • Digital science & research embraces well-being, medicine and care
  • AI technology can contribute to improvement of quality of health research by collecting, classifying and interpreting diverse health-related data
  • Researchers are tackling interdisciplinary questions with the aim to create societal impact
  • Ethical and legal perspectives are integrative part of the research to establish state of the art frameworks for respect for persons, beneficence, justice, data protection and data security.


  • Showcasing interdisciplinarity and independent expertise to foster knowledge sharing and joint research
  • Critical reflecting on challenges and opportunities posed by digitalisation in the health domain related to health care claims
  • Improving informed decisions and health by integrating, analysing and contextualising complex digital health-related data
  • Promoting digital literacy, creating trust and value, empowering citizens, including patients, healthcare providers and policy-makers, for optimizing health outcomes and health care needs
  • Providing guidance on optimal research structures to achieve this mission within a sustainable research network

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What questions about digitization are on your mind? And how has your life changed with the digital transformation? Digitization is presenting society and science with new challenges. It is taking hold of a large part of our lives at an ever faster pace.

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) was founded at the University of Zurich in 2016. The DSI supports scientists in their research and teaching on the digital transformation and is the competence center of the University of Zurich, where the impact of digitization is researched and bundled across all disciplines.
The Digital Society Initiative also aims to engage in dialogue with a broad public. The DSI at the University of Zurich wants to critically reflect on the digital transformation and look at it from different angles. This is not about technological novelties, but much more about ethical, legal, social and economic aspects that need to be discussed. It is about people and their role in our digitalized world.


The DSI Health community and its researchers are involved in inter- und transdisciplinary projects covering diversity of topics linked to digitalisation of health. The following visuals display the main framework, elements and project flow shaping the DSI Health research.

Framework of Research fields in the DSI Health Community
Elements of the DSI Health Community Projects
Project Flow in the DSI Health Community


Questions, inputs or just want to get to know us? Contact us here.

Membership in the DSI Community Health is open to researchers affiliated with a Swiss university. For other individuals, membership is conditional on an ongoing cooperation with the DSI Community. To become a member of a DSI Community, membership in the DSI Network is required. Please follow this link.