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Workshop “Reflecting upon unstructured data in health research”

Workshop “Reflecting upon unstructured data in health research” Article Image

10. November 2021

In this reflection workshop, we would like to discuss the use and integration of unstructured data in research. Thereby, we are interested in researchers' opinions on their needs, perceived obstacles and challenges as well as possible solutions how to overcome those challenges by unstructured data integration. The workshop is embedded in a larger project of the DSI-Health Community.

In this year, DSI-Health community has worked on the project with the focus on integration of unstructured data. Thereby, the community has conducted a literature review and survey among UZH researchers in order to gain insights into researchers’ opinion, experiences and needs when they use unstructured data in their research. Both literature review and survey have shown that there is a lack on guidance on aligning the work with unstructured data with research question and design.
In this workshop, on November 29, we would like to deepen the discussion about unstructured data and address questions such as:
Which obstacles and needs for making better use of unstructured data are most pressing in our community? What would be feasible steps within the community to mitigate the challenges? What could be possible follow-up steps?

Date: November 29, 2021, 9-11am, Zoom

We would appreciate your contribution and participation in the workshop.

If you are interested, please write us a short email.

More information will follow.