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Collaborative design for remote monitoring tools

research areas

Activity sensing
Digital health
Health data
Participatory science
Patient experience
Patient-clinician collaboration


2023 - 2024

Utilizing collaborative design methodology, we present this work as a proof of concept for a remote monitoring tool for the activity data of athletes and patients with chronic conditions

This project aims to consistently bring the domain-expert end-users of the DSI-Health community into the tool development process, to ensure that features are built and data is visualized in a way that is effective for their work settings. The tool’s focus is the remote monitoring of the activity data of athletes and patients with chronic conditions

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To leverage wearable sensor data (multivariate and time oriented) in a web application that:

  • Facilitates remote consultations with patients, or
    • Remotely monitors patient health, or
    • Remotely monitors athlete health and recovery

Such a data analytics interface has potential to be useful in many clinical areas, and as such, we leverage the great diversity of interests of the members of DSI-Health 


To empower domain-expert users (DSI-Health community members) to engage with their patients’/athletes’ wearables data,
to remotely monitor health and recovery of patients/athletes. Our project progress comes from: 

  • DSI-Health community workshops
  • Focus group findings
  • Artifact validation-testing by usability experts
  • Artifact user-testing by focus group of relevant end-users

Our collaborating domain experts include: specialists in mental health, physical rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, athletics, long-covid, and clinical implementation researchers 


Through focus groups with our collaborators within DSI-Health, we work to:

  • Design an appropriate interactive application for remote monitoring of athletes and/or of patients
  • Establish the necessary user workflows, tasks, and tool requirements necessary to make remote monitoring tooling capable of supporting clinician needs across the healthcare domain
  • Publish the specifications of such a tool in a top-tier venue within the community (e.g., JAMIA, IEEE VIS, ACM CHI)
  • Open a channel for collaboration with clinical stakeholders that allows for the implementation of such a tool in their specific research domain for in-the-wild validation

Workshop activities

First, we discuss what common experiences with have working with sensing and activity data in a patient care setting

Community building

Each of our in-person workshops always ends in a tasty, social apéro


Workshop followup

Based on our diverse expertises, we then contribute to an online notebook detailing each session’s progress. For example, through a collaborative literature search on remote monitoring

Review some workshop 1 results:

DSI-Health community update (June 4th, 2023), and our online project notebook (for DSI-Health members only)

Future plans:

This project's conclusion would allow for a downstream application to be implemented and deployed into the more specific expertise settings of the community's members. If you have interest in such a collaboration, please reach out to the project organizers!

Background information:

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The project is financed by the Digital Society Initiative, UZH