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You will find our report from the event here:

DSI meets USZ report


We believe that bringing the DSI closer to the USZ and the Balgrist Clinic could create synergies:

  • University Hospital-affiliated researchers and healthcare professionals could benefit from the methods expertise in the DSI health community,
  • DSI researchers could benefit from real-life experiences of health care providers and researchers,
  • which both could lead to new opportunities and synergies for joint analyses or grants


The goals of this event are to advertise the digital skills and expertise of the DSI community and University Hospital-affiliated researchers (“collaboration pitch”), and to offer a platform for match-making and initiating new collaborations.


„DSI meets USZ“ will be a 2-hour event during which DSI researchers and University-related researchers will be able to showcase their expertise in digital research methods.

Program DSI meets USZ

Date & Place

“DSI meets USZ” is organized by the DSI-Health Community and will take place on November 2, 2023, afternoon 11:00 to 13:00, Hörsaal Ost, USZ (change of the date).

Register here.

What is a “collaboration pitch”?

In line with the high-level goals for this workshop, we would like to give DSI members and hospital-affiliated researchers the opportunity to advertise their expertise in digital research methods, either in a pitch or as a poster presentation outside the lecture hall.

How to apply for a collaboration pitch

Please submit an abstract (max. 600 words in English) via this form by Sept 15, structured in the following sections

  • Your specific skill/expertise
  • A project/use case you would like to present (ideally with a reference)
  • What are likely benefits for University Hospital researchers and healthcare professionals in applying your methods and/or in collaborating with you?
    Please provide 1 or 2 ideas for other applications in the health field as an inspiration.
  • Indicate your preference for poster presentation and/or pitch (if selected)

Please use lay language. Explain concepts – don’t assume anything. Keep it interesting. This is not a scientific conference.


Pitch descriptions can be submitted by Sept 1. Decisions regarding acceptance for pitch or poster presentation will be taken by an interdisciplinary selection committee and communicated by the end of September (tentative).

Selection criteria

  • Potential relevance for University Hospital-affiliated researchers and healthcare professionals
  • Genuine interest in and capacity for collaboration
  • Clear connection to “digital” aspects
  • Proven track record in methods/expertise application, ideally in a health use case
  • Qualitative criteria including “Innovation & originality of method and project”, “Clarity of presentation”

The selection committee consisting of members from the DSI community and University Hospitals will strive for a balance in terms of topics, skills, and career stages as much as possible.

All selected descriptions (pitch/posters presentations) will be published on the workshop website (along with your contact information). Being accepted for a poster presentation/pitch means that you have to be present at the event.