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Multiple-path literature exploration in the context of COVID 19: LitExplorer

Researchers Involved

Dr. Fabio Rinaldi

research areas

Scientific literature
Semantic analysis


2020 - 2020


Developing a web tool for analysis of scientific literature to gain up-to-date information related to COVID-19

  • Context: COVID-19 literature published from January to the middle of May was more than 23,000 papers and doubling every 20 days.
  • Problem: Experts across domains have an urgent need for information up-to-date and pertinent to their respective fields but they struggle to keep up with the publication volume.
  • Hypothesis: Exploring literature and discovering knowledge in it can be facilitated by an environment that exposes a semantically enriched version of the literature.


  • Build an environment for analysis of scientific literature related to COVID-19, which offers various modalities for aggregation of information across multiple papers.
  • Our aim is to provide a web tool where COVID-19 literature is enriched by:
    – NER annotations (provided by OGER)
    – text and NER searches
    – a network of semantically connected publications (by sentence similarity)
    – extractive summarization
    – a reading strategy powered by semantic hyperlinks among sentences.